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USE YOUR VOTE      6-9 JUNE 2024

Why voting matters

Between 6–9 June 2024, millions of Europeans will participate in shaping the future of European democracy on the occasion of the European elections. It is a unique moment when we can all collectively decide on the future of the European Union. Voting is always important, be it at local, national or European level. It is an excellent opportunity to have your say on topics you care about.

Use your vote to help change the world you live in

It can be easy to forget how many people are impacted by the outcome of the European elections. The European Parliament adopts laws that affect everyone: large countries and small communities, powerful companies and young start-ups, the global and the local. EU laws tackle most people’s priorities: the environment, security, migration, social policies, consumer rights, economy, rule of law and many more. Today, every important national topic also has a European angle. Your vote will decide which Members of the European Parliament will represent you in preparing new laws and will influence the election of the European Commission. These decisions will shape your daily life and that of many others.

Use your vote to tackle the global challenges that surround us

In an increasingly complex, unstable and inter-connected world, the European Union deals with global challenges that no EU country can tackle successfully on its own. Tackling the many challenges we face is no small task – and voting is your way to influence the direction of this.

Use your vote to stand for democracy

Democracy should never be taken for granted. It is a collective achievement – and it is a collective responsibility in which we all have a role. Democracy starts with the people: we kick things off by voting in the European elections, and the decisions made there affect our lives. If we don’t participate, we don’t get to shape the future; but beyond that, European Parliamentary democracy loses its strength and its values lose meaning.

The more people vote, the stronger democracy becomes.


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