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Network and Partnership Building

We have collaborated with local and international institutions in European Projects for more than 5 years. We aim to bring together organizations and institutions that share the same values, objectives, and aims, to enhance a global network and achieve our goals. 


Project writing and management

With experience in more than 150 projects, we have core expertise in designing, implementing, and managing projects in our service sectors, on a global scale. We aim to generate and develop innovative ideas with the potential to bring social transformation. We follow a result-based management model, to ensure that our projects are successful with long-term impact. 

Seminars, training courses, and education programs

We believe that Education is a powerful tool that can bring a powerful transformation in the world and contribute to social stability. We offer seminars and educational opportunities that are tailored-made to the needs and expectations of our participants. 

Mobility Opportunities

We promote cooperation and mobility activities that have a positive impact on the qualitative development of youth and adult work, volunteerism and capacity building. Through our projects, we give opportunities to youth and adults with fewer opportunities. We believe that through our mobilities they gain knowledge, develop skills and abilities, enhance their employability, and become active members of the society. 


In a fast-changing world, we believe that innovation and development are the key elements for success. Our organization is focusing on the development of ideas, which have the ability to benefit everyday life and result in the solution of social problems. Having the support of experts in our team we focus on products of high-quality.

Tailor-Made services

We value our work! With attention to detail we approach every project with passion and responsibility, producing materials and results in terms of time and quality. Through our experience we approach every partner and project differently, ensuring that our services will meet the specific needs and requirements.

Monitoring, evaluation, and quality assurance

We have extensive expertise in the Quality Assurance process by designing questionnaires, conducting in-depth interviews, and focus groups. In the last five years, we have been working as an internal or external evaluator for many European projects funded by the European Union. We believe that monitoring and evaluation are essential during the project, to produce quality results and guarantee the success of the project. 

Dissemination and exploitation

We emphasize the dissemination and exploitation activities since they increase the size and strategic importance of the project. We develop custom-made dissemination and exploitation plan that meet the specific needs of every project. With an extensive network of partners, members, volunteers, and other stake-holders we assure the visibility of our work and the achievement of the greatest impact. 

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